Tips on persuasive writing for a Plan of Action / Amazon Account Reactivation Appeal:

Always use precise information. If you hire someone, if you think of using a new program, specify their name, specify their hire date, put some of their experience, put the name of the program, etc. Use specifics in your plan of action; it helps to get your account reinstated.

Always use Amazon’s communication as a guideline. Amazon often leaves definitive clues on what the issue is how it can be resolved. Just follow their lingo and speak in their lingo.

If you made a mistake, admit it. Chances are Amazon detected an issue and they are seeking your honesty. So do not try to explain that you didn’t make any mistakes, and express everything that you do in how you’re going to be a better Amazon seller.

Avoid unwanted conclusions. It is just like essays in school. If your body and conclusion do not match. No points are given so avoid confusing conclusions and come straight to the point.

Lastly, this is probably the most vital item in persuasive writing: You need to be truthful. Do not admit to Amazon, that you violated a policy unless they have you for sure, and they know it, and you know it. You need to be truthful about how you’re going to improve. Be truthful about what you actually did to make that customer happier. Truthfulness is very, very persuasive.

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