To be an Amazon seller is an excellent way to make money in the retail industry. With 112 million users in the United States alone, there appear to be many potential clients. 

Furthermore, Prime members spend $1,400 per year, compared to $600 for non-Prime customers. It’s awesome until you get a letter alerting you that your Amazon account has been suspended. What? What do I do if this problem arises! Appeal!

The appeal procedure is relatively simple. First, Amazon outlines the causes typically for your suspensions and what they want from you. Such as a plan of action, an appeal letter, and other documents.

But, there are occasions where sellers give the documents to Amazon but don’t get the reinstatement they hope for. Let’s take a look at some of the most typical reasons for the rejection of papers. And what evidences you might have to continue selling.

What Are Manipulated or Forged Documents?

The term pretty much says it all. For fraudulent reasons, some sellers edit invoices and insert false content. This results in account restrictions. It also informs Amazon’s team, and they suspend the account due to the third provision. 

Some sellers give forged documents in addition to invoices, such as utility bills. All of these will result in account suspension, which will be harder to recover. 

Amazon is incredibly proficient at finding fake invoices. After all, A9 is the most complex algorithm to see the light of day. Yet, in a few moments, it can discover false invoices.

Dealing With Amazon Account Suspension Due to Forged Documents

Be careful when Amazon requires invoices to verify products or category gating! This is a new warning which results in numerous sellers’ account suspension because the devices are unknown. 

They are pretty sensitive and have frequently reported sellers who are just marking ASINs on invoices or bad pricing. Both of which are permitted by Amazon’s selling rules yet result in a stoppage.

There are various situations in which we can happily send an appeal for these:

  • Blackout the pricing on a valid invoice and forward them a copy.
  • Either underline an item to display the ASIN or type the ASIN on the invoice and email them.
  • Complete one or both of the preceding tasks using computer software such as Adobe.
  • Send a pdf of the invoice rather than a jpg. For example, you create a simple invoice, and Amazon believes it is not valid, but your supplier confirms it.

If you fulfill any of the above situations, you have a strong chance. However, there is one final, less frequent situation that occurs only on rare occasions. The rogue employee changes on a packing slip or invoice without permission because they are careless or do not realize how horrible it is to do so.

How Can You Avoid Manipulated Suspension?

When sellers submit wrong invoices, Amazon marks them as fake rather than inaccurate and suspends the accounts.

Anyway, here are some tips to help you prevent this punishment:

  • First, never edit any of the details on your invoices.
  • Even if Amazon allows, it is preferable not to emphasize anything on your invoices.
  • Use no computer software to redact content from your invoices.
  • Only send your documents in Pdf file. MSWord formats are easily changeable.
  • Do not make any changes to the files you want to send to Amazon.
  • Do not amend the Packing slips in any way.
  • Avoid employing a third-party service to verify a product’s approval to sell. Instead, perform all tasks manually or hire Professionals.
  • Obtain your products straight from the brands or wholesalers. You may run your account while unaware that you are dealing with forged documents. You boldly send them to Amazon, only to discover that your account has been suspended.

Get Help From Experts

We stated earlier that suspensions due to forged documents are challenging to resolve. But this does not indicate that you have no light at the end of the tunnel. 

They may be hard to solve for the average seller. But Amazon Appellate is not your average business. Our team is made up of e-commerce professionals with extensive experience in reactivating accounts in challenging situations.

Our primary goal is to prove to Amazon that our customers never submit any forged papers. (if this is the case!). However, be mindful that Amazon will continue to request information about your supply chain. So, prepare to submit data about your supply chain with the proper documents.

If you ever face this or any other form of Amazon restriction, feel free to call us. We will restore your Amazon account even if it is in a critical condition.