Have you been subjected to Amazon seller account suspension? Being the largest and most credible e-commerce platform, Amazon never compromises on quality. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction more than anything else. That is why it takes severe actions against sellers who do not follow its Community Guidelines

There can be several reasons behind the suspension you need to know. These are necessary for a practical Amazon account suspension appeal. However, there are the top three most frequent causes of Amazon seller account suspension. 

If you want to know how to prevent Amazon seller account suspension or reinstate your account back, then have a look at these most common causes: 

Top 3 Most Frequent Causes of Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Your seller account is the most vital tool for your business. And your utmost concern must be reinstating it in case of suspension. But it is essential to try not to get suspended in the first place. 

  1. Product Quality Issues

The most common reason why sellers face a suspension is failing to satisfy their buyers. If your product turns out to be different as described, then you may find yourself in trouble. There can be several more problems associated with this cause:

  • Selling low-quality products is proportional to negative reviews. Therefore, when your account receives frequent negative feedback, you will face an amazon seller account suspension.
  • There are specific products that you are not allowed to sell on Amazon. To avoid amazon seller account suspension, read the guidelines carefully or contact Amazon directly to clear all the doubts.
  • Many products need to be certified by standard organizations, such as medicines and food items. Therefore, you must attach all the necessary certificates and documents. Moreover, you have to mention their hazards and who can use them.

You can save yourself from amazon seller account suspension by avoiding all of the reasons mentioned above.

  1. Amazon Intellectual Property Complaints

Another common cause of suspension is violating copyright issues. Amazon prohibits its sellers from selling products that belong to any other brand without permission. 

If the actual owner of the product files an intellectual property complaint against you, then Amazon will warn you and ask you to stop. Unfortunately, many sellers ignore the notification and continue selling copyright products or using others’ trademarks and logos. 

And then they end up losing their account. So it is always better to pay attention to the first warning, so you do not have to search for “how to prevent seller account suspension.”

Are you receiving notifications from Amazon about copyright issues? Then contact Amazon Appellate to help you with Amazon intellectual property complaints.

  1. Issues Related to Shipping

On-time shipments make happy and regular customers. But your customers will never leave a positive review if you ignore this aspect no matter how good your product was. There are two common problems related to shipment:

  • Amazon has specific criteria for late shipments. Bad weather, strikes, or other serious issues may cause a delay in the delivery. That is why Amazon guides its sellers to have a late shipment rate of 4%. If the late shipment becomes your habit, you will have to go through an amazon seller account suspension. 
  • You may have to cancel your customer’s orders in particular conditions. But if you continue doing this, Amazon will suspend your seller account. 

Amazon will ban your account in both cases and will ask you for an amazon account suspension appeal. Amazon Appellate is here to help you deal with Amazon’s late shipment suspension.

How to Prevent Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

Account suspension can affect your reputation and business growth. Here are some tips to avoid seller account suspension:

  • Focus on product quality more than quantity.
  • Stay committed to the delivery time.
  • Avoid review manipulation.
  • Do not give your buyers wrong information regarding the products.
  • Operate a single account on Amazon only.
  • Do not overload keywords that are not relevant to your product. 

How to Reinstate Your Seller Account? Get Professional Help!

Restoring your seller account is the most crucial for you right now. However, it can be challenging to deal with. That is why you should leave this to experts. Amazon Appellate will restore your Amazon seller account in four steps:

  1. Identifying the root cause and analyzing your account.
  2. Create an effective Plan of Action.
  3. Creating a professional amazon account suspension appeal.
  4. Redeeming your seller account successfully.