Amazon Account Reinstatement Against Conditions Complaints

Amazon Conditions Complaints Reinstatement

A customer complains about the condition of the product you sell, saying it’s either damaged or an old product being sold as new.

The number one cause for Amazon account suspensions and de-activations are product health complaints or inauthenticity accusations by customers. The reason could be as harmless as the customers weren’t happy with the product’s quality or acquired a degraded piece. Or the reason could be something very harmful like competitor dealers fake complaining concerning your products and services.

Whatsoever be the basis for these product criticisms, the resolution for withdrawing your Amazon account suspension is singular. Hire our services. We investigate into the matter without wasting any time and pin point the exact reason for the accusations.

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Highly Experienced Professionals Working on Getting Your Account Reinstated

When the product authenticity or condition complaints come in, your immediate action is to prove the authenticity of your brand / product and then provide a Plan of Action (PoA). Doing so on your own means spending a lot of time and resources, so we do that for you.

Once you hire our services, we go into research mode the same hour and find out the exact cause for the complaints. What Amazon needs from you is a solid Plan of Action (PoA) , and we will provide exactly that.

We Build The Plan of Action For Your Amazon Merchant Account

For Inauthentic Products

We provide:

(a) Invoice from your wholesale supplier

(b) Brand Authorization by brand to you for selling the particular brand products.

For Product Not As Described

We take a look at the actual complaint and figure out what went wrong and address the corrective measure that you as the seller will take to solve the situation.

For Defective Product

Well, being honest this one is on you; you shouldn’t ship defective products. However if you shipped a perfectly working product and the damage occurred while transporting the product then we’ll mention that you will shift to the FBA decided model to avoid any such events.

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Why Choose Amazon Appellate To Reinstate Your Amazon Seller Account?

We at Amazon Appellate, follow a tried and tested method that guarantees to get your Amazon seller account reinstated as soon as possible. In the product condition complaints, we need you to provide some information, studying which, we can provide the perfect Plan of Action for you.

What You Provide Us?

  • Copies of the invoices from your supplier issued in the last 365 ASINs

  • Basic information about your supplier like their name, contact number, address, and website.

  • Highlighted copies of the ASIN(s) in question and under review.

What We Provide You?

  • Experienced analysts that research on your provided data and other info we can find.

  • A report highlighting the root cause(s) that led to the complaints about your product.

  • A Plan of Action that explains what went wrong and the actions you have taken to resolve them.

  • The steps you will taken to prevent any such future complaints about the product you are selling.

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If you act fast there is a 70% chance of your seller account reinstatement over several months but with Amazon Appellate the number changes to a 97% success ratio in 72 hours. Why? It’s simple. We have ex-Amazon sellers and ex-Amazon workers in our team and we are armed with years of successful experience to get you the best results!

What you need is a winning appeal and we are the team of experts that will draft that winning appeal for you.