Is your Money Making ASIN Down?

Amazon ASIN Reinstatement Services

The biggest concern experienced by all sellers on the world’s biggest marketplace: The Amazon ASIN Suspension. Feared by many sellers because of its harsh consequences.

Your ASIN Listing could be suspended because of a policy, performance, or intellectual property infringement. It is very important to approach all problems that occur with your Amazon account before it is too late. Amazon Appellate can help you with this.

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Is Your profitable ASIN suspended?

You may source your ASIN from a legitimate source and send it to Amazon FBA or a customer in perfect condition. However, Amazon sends you a notification informing you that your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is suspended due to customer complaints.

There may be a bunch of reasons customers may provide such as Used Item Sold as New, Inauthentic Item, Product Not as Described on the Listing page, Expired Item, Safety Issue, Condition complaints, restricted or violates Amazon’s policies, etc. there is an endless list of complaints from a customer or Amazon itself.

At Amazon Appellate, we can help you get your ASIN back in a timely fashion. Our average time to get your ASIN back is within 3 days.

Why us to get your ASIN Reinstated?

Luckily, since the suspension is so common, Amazon permits you to present an appeal in order to reinstate your account. These appeals have to be very thoroughly composed and must carry a comprehensive Plan of Action.

From this, Amazon’s performance team will give their verdict after evaluating your appeal.

Utilizing their experience as ex-Amazon staff members, our professional team can help you craft the most effective appeal.

New Marketing Leaders
New Marketing Leaders

Our ASIN Reinstatement Process:

  1. Our Account Analysts dive deep into your account to research the cause of the deactivation of your listing.

2. The case is reviewed by at least 4 dedicated Account Analysts to ensure the proper issue is being addressed.

3. We draft a tailored Plan of Action depending upon the facts that we have discovered. The Plan of Action addresses Amazon’s concerns.

4. The draft is sent to you to forward to Amazon. We provide guided steps on how to submit your Plan of Action to Amazon.

5. If, in case, the response is negative we re-evaluate the whole process and submit an escalation letter.

6. We then wait for your ASIN to be reinstated.

What you need is a winning appeal and we are the team of experts that will draft that winning appeal for you.