Amazon Late Shipment Suspension Reinstatement

Amazon Late Shipment Suspension Reinstatement

Amazon sellers are aware that Amazon has a maximum late shipment rate of 4%. Orders above 4% customarily result in a seller account suspension.

There are various reasons why sellers are inefficient to ship items on time. Some reasons may include uncontrollable factors such as strikes, bad weather, political matters, etc. So this does not come under the fault of the seller.

However, Amazon suspends the account in such a case and will ask for a Plan of Action along with an appeal letter. This is where Amazon Appellate can help you. Our professional team can assist you in dealing with this issue and lift the suspension.

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Causes of High ODR:

Carrier Issues:

It might not seem true but the fact is the carrier can cause a delay on your shipment due to improper route management, losing packages, or severe weather.

Provider Issues:

When products are in high demand, it is common that the manufacturer may run out of stock and if you are drop shipping, this will directly affect your metrics.

Workforce Issues:

You as a seller have created an ecosystem within your business and have delegated tasks to each member. Your staff may commit some mistakes as a human error and that might delay your shipments, impacting your Order Defect Rate.

Severe Weather:

The unstoppable!! The most common reason in many regions for delayed shipments. Yet your account still gets suspended and Amazon demands an appeal from you.

How does this need to be remedied?

The maximum tolerance rate for Amazon’s late shipment is above 4%. Your customer receiving their item late is sure to leave you negative feedback, A-to-Z Guarantee claim, or Credit Chargebacks which eventually will result in your Amazon account suspension.

Late Shipments will eventually result in High ODR. High ODR is one of the metrics Amazon uses to calculate Seller’s customer service standards. This is also the quickest way to lose your Prima Badge if your ASINs were eligible for it.

While for a seller it may be a time-consuming task to deal with which will require extensive research, Amazon Appellate will find you solutions within 48 hours.

We understand that you as a seller cannot invest weeks into solving these issues. Which is why, we are proud to serve you at times like these and get you up and running within 48-72 hours!

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Why Choose Amazon Appellate To Help You Out?

We believe in leveling the play field for the sellers with all the skills and knowledge we have about Amazon’s reviewing system.

As a company founded by previous Amazon sellers as well as former members of Amazon’s reviewing team, we understand the process and importance of getting seller accounts reinstated fast!

We have the resources that can analyze and pin point the exact root of your suspension and also the skills to craft the perfect appeal to Amazon that will get your Account reinstated within no time.

Get the team that sees these issues day and night and have faced them personally in past as sellers and reviewers. We have been on both the side of the battle, and now we will be on your side.

What you need is a winning appeal and we are the team of experts that will draft that winning appeal for you.