75% of sellers are anxious about unexpectedly suspending their accounts or listings for no obvious cause according to Jungle Scout’s Amazon seller account research.

And this is a valid issue. Suspension of your Amazon seller account may result in the loss of your investment of time, effort, and money. Everything you’ve invested in your Amazon business could be lost in a moment.

Therefore, we are going to share some useful tips from experts to avoid your account suspension. First, take a look at three stages of account stoppage:

3 Stages of Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon will not be as hard when it comes to account suspension on rare occasions. You’ll proceed through three phases, including:


If you’re lucky, or your violation isn’t too serious, you’ll get a warning first. It will specify the ASIN(s) and the causes for the warning. Fortunately, you can restore your account at this stage by submitting an Amazon suspension request letter.


If you become unable to convince Amazon, “a denied mail” will be the reply. You may try again, but this time include your Plan of Action (POA) in the letter.


If Amazon rejects your POA, you will be permanently banned from the marketplace. Additionally, you may be out if you write abusive emails or use an aggressive tone in your appeal letter.

How to Avoid Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

Here are some tips that all sellers can follow to reduce the risk of account suspension:

Follow Amazon’s Guidelines and Policies

These policies are kept up to date, and you will be notified of any changes through email. If you violate Amazon’s content guidelines or safety infringement policies in any way, your account will be suspended. The product safety team is stringent. 

Rather than issuing a warning, they will suspend the Account first, followed by a request for your plan of action.

Analyze Amazon Seller Account Performance Metrics 

Amazon has high standards for achieving its performance metrics, which focus on its leadership principles. Ultimately, if you can maintain your performance measurement, you should be able to avoid suspension. It’s easy anyway. 

Here are three key points to keep an eye on:

Defect Rate

This metric measures your online store’s potential to provide a positive client experience. It contains these three aspects: negative feedback rate and service charge-back rate across short and long periods.

On-time Delivery

It refers to purchases that the brands deliver on time.

Late Shipment

The number of orders that reach the buyer after the deadline.

Monitor Your Listings

Because many sellers might offer the same items on Amazon, a listing override is not unheard of. This occurs when a detail page for one of your products contains information that you did not contribute.

This type of modification may result in the delivery of incorrect products to buyers. In addition, if Amazon receives reports of “missing things” or “wrong product sent” from your customers, they may temporarily terminate your account. 

Enhance Your Communication Skills

If there is one thing you can do to avoid suspension, it is to communicate effectively throughout the process. To begin, if you receive Amazon policy notices on your account, make it a point to respond so that you remain on the radar. 

Furthermore, create a habit of asking your users for reviews regularly. You will be able to deliver a better experience in the long term by doing this. Hence, avoiding suspension in the first place is the best idea.

Don’t Wait for Amazon to Reach You!

You want to detect any problems with your account and tell Amazon before it contacts you. Consequently, it will help you to gain the company’s trust as a seller and prove that you are aware of the mistake you make with your account.

Furthermore, Amazon is aware of online retailers who rely on generic item concepts.

Therefore, prevent this tactic at all costs. Additionally, Amazon isn’t the only one keeping an eye out for all these. Besides, other sellers may report you as a scam if they catch you on their listings.

Check Your Amazon Seller Account for Patterns

Hence, if you’re worried about your suspending your account, there are a few patterns to look out for:

  • Returns from customers
  • Feedback from the seller
  • Product ratings


Amazon’s rules and restrictions are becoming more severe by the year. And it might be difficult to return once you are out of the market as you can’t have multiple accounts on Amazon or create a new one.

Certain factors are unavoidable. But you’ll be doing all you can to maintain your Amazon business growth by following the above advice from pros.

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