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Having a bad batch of products will reduce your reliability your affiliation with Amazon. Good quality control is great parameter to have. The worst-case scenario is that it ends up hurting a customer. If you wish to evade these circumstances, it’s essential to take measures to guarantee quality control. Also, it is common knowledge that pre-shipment inspections can end up saving your business.

Being an Amazon seller, it’s essential to get high-grade quality products from your suppliers. If you sell low-quality items and Amazon might drop your listings. They can even liquidate your listing rights completely. A lot of poor reviews may also cause customers to skip your product, dropping your sales immensely. Thus, quality control is an important parameter

Tips for Good Quality Control of Your Products

Start with a Good Sample

Quality control starts with your new sample.  So, prepare a gold standard sample that will work as a benchmark for future products.

Get Trustworthy Suppliers

Hire professionals that are experienced and understand what to test for. Also make sure your supplier can produce precise supply chain documentation.

Do Not Skip The Final Inspection

The last step is the final inspection. In this you will examine any random products from a production run. As an outcome, you’ll get a comprehensive report. After which you have to come up with a plan of action in the case that the inspection leads to a failure.

Be Vigilant About Quality Control Testing

Periodically, place your product and examine it. Make sure it is what your listing says it is. Check that it’s pliant to its details in every way, and that its’ meeting the expectations. Also, administer continuous safety testing to guarantee that all batch products are safe. Remember, you have to maintain your focus on your supply chain at all points.

Take Quality Control Seriously

There’s nothing more valuable to Amazon than getting customers satisfied. This matters on every level of business administration. So you must match or surpass Amazon’s customer’s expectations for quality.

3 Essential Tests That Will Help Guarantee Amazon Quality Control Compliance

Amazon can be very picky about what they will and will not allow. As a result, it is better to have your controller test for these particular things. So, it would help if you were sure that you follow their rules.

Labeling of the Products for Quality Control

Label is of utmost importance. Therefore, your label should have a white background and be transparent and clearly written. It should contain detailed and correct product information. It should also be readily scannable and requires a unique barcode.

Packaging of the Products for Quality Control

Your packaging needs to be proper to limit damage and leakage. It needs to block dirt from entering. And it should be sturdy enough to withstand the trip overseas and the voyage to your clients. For that reason, carton drop tests are essential.

Quantity of Product Per Carton for Quality Control

The exterior cartons mustn’t have crossed SKUs. You also need to have an identical quantity of products per carton.

Don’t take any chances with your notoriety or your business. Be fully committed to guaranteeing that the product you market is the very best. And strictly view product reviews for any problems. And also, try to continuously look for alternatives to improve.