Selling online means that you may get negative customer feedback from time to time. Customers can leave negative feedback whether you’re on Amazon or any other platform. 

So that they can inform other buyers that they were unhappy with your service. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous for your business!

Amazon has over 2.5 million current sellers who offer their products on the platform. In this higher competition, amazon possibly tries to maintain the quality of products. In that regard, amazon often suspends the seller’s account due to minor reasons. And even because of negative customer feedback. 

Will a Negative Customer Feedback Actually Lead to Close Your Amazon Account? 

If you receive too much negative customer feedback, your account will be closed. However, a low cut of feedback compare to sales does not result in the closure of your account. 

But Amazon inspires you to get more customers to write feedback. It prefers to maintain negative seller feedback as near to 0% as possible. And negative customer feedback of 5% may result in a suspension. Is that good? Well, yes and no!

If you’re curious about how to revive your deactivated account due to negative reviews, there are proven ways:

Don’t Rush to Submit Your Appeal

It is essential that you do not panic but learn which review caused the suspension and if it was your fault. This will be an important first step when it comes to recovering your account.

Therefore, spend some time deciding exactly what went wrong. In truth, we are always impacted by emotion, which leads us to react in a specific situation. 

However, it is helpful to verify that your appeal is correctly written. Therefore, make an extra effort to cover everything accurately before sending your request.

Pro Tip: Hiring a professional to submit an appeal by your side may be the best option. Keep in mind that few scammers are promising to help you reactivate accounts. 

To avoid them, research and find someone who is recommended by other sellers. For Amazon reinstatement services, Amazon Appellate only engages with Sellercare. In suspension, Amazon Appellate revives thousands of seller’s accounts back.

Create a Plan of Action 

To write a successful appeal, create a plan of action. When you write your action plan, you must follow Amazon’s guidelines. You will be the one trying to appeal. Therefore, always remember that they have the upper hand. 

It is crucial to give attention to the writing style of your plan. The suggestions you need to consider when drafting your action plan are:

Clarity and Simplicity

The proper method to achieve this is to write the appeal as accurately and clearly as possible. 

Provide exactly what they need, namely, identify the reason for suspension and what measures you will apply to fix it. Most importantly, what efforts you will make to prevent these mistakes in the future.


To write an appeal letter for an ensured reinstatement detach from your emotions.  You will seem more professional while doing it. 

Moreover, ensure that whatever you write is based on facts rather than feelings. If you cannot separate from your emotions, consider contacting a professional who is familiar with writing appeal letters.

Facts and Explanations

The explanation you provide will show Amazon that you correctly understood the issue. And will help you avoid making the same mistakes. However, avoid becoming overly wary about your concerns. 

Also, you may feature all proof. That includes screenshots, chat, and payments, that will prove your claims.

The Final Verdict

Merely waiting for an answer from Amazon might be annoying. But there are no more steps that will result in assured reactivation. But it is still a great idea to evaluate all of your options.

You can also send an email to speed up your request. As a result, your appeal will be sent to Transaction Risk Management.

When working with Amazon, you cannot always submit many requests. So, start by doing things correctly in the first place. You will be unable to recover your account unless you have fulfilled the appeal process. Is that easy? It is! Only if you choose the best!

Good Luck!