Is your Amazon account suspended due to manipulated reviews? Are you troubled? Read on and discover more!

Amazon explains review editing as an attempt by sellers to gain positive reviews. 

Positive feedback is vital for your e-commerce! However, manipulated reviews can suspend your account. So, Amazon updated its policy in 2016. They decided to ban the accounts that tried to manipulate reviews. This lead to a more honest review system. 

How to Avoid Suspended Amazon Accounts Due to Manipulated Reviews?

You need to be careful in the future once you have successfully restored your Amazon account. Otherwise, repeated ends affect your credit in the market. 

Still, many sellers are unaware of the proper Amazon guidelines regarding manipulated reviews. Are you one of them? If so, you are lagging!

Here is how you can avoid suspended seller accounts due to manipulated reviews:

  • Never request your sellers to give a positive review.
  • Do not make your family and friends leave positive feedback.
  • Avoid suggesting to customers what to write in a review.
  • And avoid paying to review sites.

Many new sellers make this mistake on Amazon. And if you have also made the same error, then here is how you can get your suspended Amazon account reinstated. 

How to Reactivate Suspended Amazon Account?

As a seller on Amazon, the most challenging thing you can face is getting your suspended Amazon account reinstated. After understanding the issue, you need to create an appeal. And most sellers make mistakes here.

It is not easy to reinstate your suspended account with zero experience. That is why Amazon Appellate is here to help you out through this difficult time. With years of experience in reinstating many seller accounts, we carry out a comprehensive process that includes the following steps:

  1. Reviewing Your Amazon Account 

Our team reviews and analyzes your seller account. The data plays an important role when creating the Plan of Action and the appeal. 

  1. Making a Plan of Action

Plan of Action is essential for writing an effective suspension letter that helps you get your suspended Amazon account reinstated. Amazon’s guidelines explain how to reactivate suspended Amazon account by highlighting the following points: 

  • What was the principal cause that led to suspension?
  • How will you resolve the issue?
  • What cautionary steps will you take to avoid such a situation in the future?

Amazon Appellate will devise an effective plan of action to get your account back.

  1. Creating an Appeal

Creating an appeal is the most crucial part of this process. You might make mistakes while writing an appeal yourself. But wait! Amazon receives thousands of applications daily, and the company will not bother to read requests that lack professionalism and clarity. 

Do not worry! Amazon Appellate creates concise and professional appeal letters to get your hung Amazon account restored. We will handle all the dealing and communication matters with Amazon.

  1. Resignation of Suspended Account 

The company restores your suspended Amazon account due to formed reviews after accepting the appeal. Our expert consultants help to accelerate the Amazon account reinstatement. And you are back to your ecommerce journey once again!

How Can You Ask Your Buyers Safely for Positive Feedback?

Positive ratings and reviews count a lot for your business. Do they really? Yes!

And angry customers are indeed more likely to leave a review than happy customers. Our team will help you reduce negative feedback. To ask for feedback safely, you need to change your statement a bit to avoid planned reviews. 

You can add statements similar to these in the email to ask safely for positive feedback:

  • We hope that you loved your purchase. Do share your experience with us.
  • Our customers are our priority. So we would love to know what we are performing right and how we can improve.
  • Customer feedback holds utmost importance for us. Could you take a minute to post a review?

Are these practical? Do they work for businesses? Yes! All these are tried and tested! You can rest assured that they’ll help you score more of those 5-stare reviews!

The Bottom Line

Manipulated reviews can be a threat to your seller account. Remember this golden rule whenever you ask your customers to leave a review via email. Your email should ONLY ask for product reviews and not positive reviews.

It can be difficult for you to reinstate a suspended account due to manipulated reviews. So let Amazon Appellate handle everything and get your account back in no time.