Amazon Buy Box: Why Is It Important And How To Win It?

Amazon Buy Box is the little box on the right of your product listing page that allows you to add the product to your cart. In hindsight, it allows the customers to make an instant purchase of your product.

Did you know that 90% of sales on Amazon go through the Buy box?

Here’s how it works:

It is possible that there is a single product being sold by a number of sellers. In this example, our product is a book: Pride and Prejudice. You can see in Example 1 that the buy box is with the sellers who have the lowest price, whereas Example 2 shows the list of other sellers that are selling the same book at higher prices.

Amazon Buy Box Example
Amazon Buy Box Example 2

When a customer presses the add to cart button, they will be adding the product of the seller that has been awarded the buy box. When you click on “63 New “(Example 1), only then can you view the list of other sellers selling the same item. You can see why having a buy box is essential, don’t you?

There are a lot of things that you can establish by looking at the images above. Let’s try and determine the factors that can get you to win the Buy Box:

  • Prime Delivery. If you are eligible for Amazon prime, the chances of getting a buy box automatically increase.
  • Lowest Prices: One of the main reasons and factors for getting Amazon buy box is to control prices in the market. Having the lowest prices will most definitely get you in the race for winning.
  • Seller History: It is an important aspect that goes behind getting the buy box. Your seller history needs to be immaculate, with reviews and order defect rate optimum.
  • FBA versus FBM: If you have FBA, you are likely to have a much faster approval rate for buy box as compared to FBM. This is because it becomes easy for Amazon to trust your inventory in the case of FBA as compared to self-fulfillment.

Getting a buy box can really impact your sales in a big way. Having a buy box also increases trust towards the customers, making you a reliable seller in their eyes. So go ahead, and get going! And if you ever feel stuck, you know where to come. Let us know what you feel about this in the comments below.

Published On: May 6th, 2020 / Categories: Marketing Strategy, Suspended Seller Insights /