Amazon can suspend your account if a document you supply to them seems to be forged or manipulated. So, send Amazon original documents. Amazon can decide that your document appears to be manipulated, even if it is not. It can be any document that you supply to Amazon, such as an invoice. If they decide that your document appears to be manipulated, they will suspend your account. If you are facing this Amazon Seller Manipulated Suspension, call us, at 1-844-747-8814, to get your account reinstated. Even if you have appealed multiple times and keep getting negative responses, it is not too late! Reach out to us and our team of professionals will get your account back quickly. We work with the Amazon team every day, so we know what they need to hear from you to reinstate your account.

Main Problem with Amazon Seller Manipulated Suspension

Seller Pluton_Inc had their account suspended for manipulated documents, after four years of selling on Amazon. In this case, Pluton_Inc got the original invoice in Word document format (.docx). They then converted it to .pdf to submit to Amazon, because Amazon does not accept .docx files. But, Amazon considers this suspicious activity, because invoices sent as .docx files are unsafe. They are unsafe because they are easy to edit, and invoices are not meant to be edited. Amazon can detect if a document that you send them has been altered, because the document’s edit history is saved as metadata. So, Amazon may have seen that the .pdf was originally .docx. They then flagged it as suspicious, and suspended the Amazon Seller account.

Luckily, Sophie from Amazon responded. In the response, Sophie recommends requesting invoices in .pdf format, so they do not have to be converted before submitting. As she says, “This is to ensure that all documents and information stays as original and unaltered as possible.” She then encourages Pluton_Inc to send additional documents to support their claims. For example, she asks if Pluton_Inc can provide an authorization letter from the supplier stating that they are an official distributor. So, make sure you have such a letter. 

Then, Pluton_Inc asked four important questions:

  1. Should they appeal through Amazon’s appeal process? If so, should they submit the supplier’s authorization letter and a Plan of Action?
  2. Was their account deactivated in error?
  3. Do you expect the supplier’s authorization letter to suffice?
  4. What about hiring reinstatement agencies?

Sophie answered accordingly:

  1. Yes, they must appeal. What should their appeal be based on? Base your appeal on the account’s situation. 
  2. No, the account was deactivated as a precaution, because the invoice was altered before submission. So, submit original invoices. Do not alter them. 
  3. We cannot be sure of the outcome until the review is done. Prove that you are the official distributor shown on the invoice, and that the invoice was not altered before submission.
  4. Call us, at 1-844-747-8814, to write your appeal. We ask questions to determine your situation. Then, we write a custom appeal for your case. Also, we help you gather the documents to prove your case.  

Additional Problems with Amazon Seller Manipulated Suspension

Seller WorldwideN also was suspended after four years of selling. They claim to have had a 98% rating with 7k positive reviews. They posted on the forum because they were looking for sellers who have faced the same issue. As we said in the article about the best forums for Amazon Sellers, this is a perfect chance to use the Amazon Seller forum. At the time of posting, they had been suspended for three weeks. Do not wait this long to contact us. If you cannot get your account back within 24 hours, call us at 1-844-747-8814. 

Unlike Pluton_Inc’s case, WorldwideN got the documents from the suppliers as .pdf. They submitted five .pdf files from five different suppliers, but only four of them were accepted. The fifth was flagged as manipulated, and their account was suspended.


In conclusion, your Amazon Seller account can be mistakenly suspended if Amazon decides that one of your supplied documents appears manipulated. For example, ask suppliers to send invoices in an accepted format, such as .pdf. Do not accept .docx files because then you will have to convert it to .pdf. If you convert the invoice filetype, Amazon will detect that the document has been altered. If they detect that it has been altered, you will face Amazon Seller Manipulated Suspension. In this case, your account will be suspended until further review. So, do not alter documents before submitting them. Also, make sure that your documents have all the required information.