How to Avoid Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon seller account suspension! Four words! Only these four words are enough to strike fear into the hearts of every Amazon seller. If you’ve been selling, you may also face account suspension. Amazon even suspends sellers from offering cheaper products in exchange for reviews. Sellers who continue violating Terms of Service are at risk of their Amazon seller account suspension. 

But, what are the most typical reasons for the Amazon account suspension? Whatever the cause, prevention is better than spending a whole day reactivating an account.

5 Tips to Avoid Amazon Account Suspension

So, let’s begin by looking at the five tips to prevent Amazon seller account suspension:

Sell the Right Products 

How do you know whether you’re selling the right thing? First, your product does not violate any laws and regulations. In spite of your product being high-demand and high-quality, your account will be suspended if it is forbidden by Amazon.

Therefore, it is critical to do complete product research throughout the initial phases of establishing an Amazon business. Also, to avoid selling counterfeits, make sure you purchase your products from a reputable source.

Optimize and Examine Your Product Listings

There is no restriction that prevents sellers from supplying the same type of product. But, If Amazon detects duplicate/identical products, it will merge them into a single product listing. These listings will allow buyers to easily see a number of options.

Here are the elements to notice when consolidating your product pages:

  • Product brand
  • Product’s UPC, EAN, or ISBN
  • Quantity of the package
  • Product’s color, size, or fragrance

It also means that everyone has the ability to change the information on the listing page. In addition, Amazon can also suspend seller accounts for the same reason. Therefore, it is critical to secure your store against any changes to the image or description. 

Optimize your product listings. Keep an eye out for new selling or promotional product features. Take care of your business by checking your listings.

Never Hack the System

Competition is intense with over 2.2 million Amazon sellers worldwide! However, do not attempt any tricks. For example, schemes could identify those who give free stuff in exchange for ratings to boost their position. 

Plus, piggybacking on a high-converting listing may result in Amazon seller account suspension. Amazon can even spot minor flaws, also known as black hat tactics.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

If you are serving new or returning customers, treat them consistently.

To earn positive reviews, respond to reviews immediately and promptly. Amazon is on the lookout for sellers who frequently ignore user reviews. Understand that Amazon is customer-obsessed and that disregarding customers is unacceptable.

Take a look at Amazon’s performance targets:

  • The rate of the late shipment should be less than 4%.
  • Order fault rate must be below 1%.
  • The pre-fulfillment cancellation rate must be under 2.5 percent.

Customers want their orders to arrive as soon as possible. Thus good products aren’t enough. You need perfection! So, you must provide a quick delivery service. What if you don’t ship the delivery on time? Customers will be unhappy with the late shipping. Plus, they can also leave negative feedback.

Sellers should call them right away to confess instead of arguing. This way, sellers can offer a discount coupon on their next purchase to gain the customer’s forgiveness. Brilliant right? Yes! It will help you make plenty of returning buyers!

Secure Your Brand

If you don’t take care of this, anything is possible. You may become a victim as a black hat seller. Someone could hack or change the content of your product listing as we stated earlier.

Third-party sellers may accuse you of I.P. damage to your status on Amazon. Amazon will issue warnings to your account in this situation. 

So, what must you do for securing your brand? What is the best way? How can you deal with this problem? Do not worry! Here’s what to do!

  • Register a trademark: Applying for a trademark is a lengthy process. You should register your labels with Amazon I.P. Accelerator. This stage has the benefit of giving you a trademark and Brand Registry.
  • Sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry: You have complete control over your listings and content with our brand registry. It also ensures the buyer that the data in the listing is correct.


There’s no reason you can’t enjoy retailing to your heart’s content this season. You should take the time to review each aspect of your account. All it takes is a little planning. Putting your energy and time where it is most important.

But…. What do I do when my account gets in harm’s way? You call us! Simple!

Amazon experts are standing by to secure your account. They are available to restore your account if worse occurs. So, contact Amazon Appellate right away if you’re having any issues with your account.

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