As we talked about in our article about the Best Suspended Amazon Seller Forums, Amazon can suspend your account at any time. They can suspend your account without warning. They can suspend your account for any reason. The decision to suspend your account is at Amazon’s sole discretion. We want you to understand why Amazon suspends accounts, especially when they suspend without warning. In this article, we talk about the main reasons why Amazon suspends accounts. We also talk about ways to avoid common problems. Finally, we talk about ways to get your account back. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what to do to keep your Amazon Seller Account healthy for as long as you are selling. 

Main Reason Amazon Suspends Accounts

To fully understand the reasons Amazon suspends accounts we will compare five lists of reasons from five different sources. We will see if the different sources agree on reasons. The sources may disagree on some reasons. So, we will see why some sources considered reasons that other sources did not. 

Repricer Express lists Top 10 Reasons for Amazon Seller Suspensions.

The first reason is inauthentic products. So, do not sell inauthentic products. Ensure your products are authentic. Learn Amazon’s rules on authentic products. See this list of Amazon’s best practices for authentic products. Comply with the law and Amazon’s policies. To see your status, check your Product Authenticity Customer Complaints. Find this in your Account Health portal.  

The second reason is selling prohibited products. So, do not sell prohibited products. Ensure your products are allowed. Learn Amazon’s rules on prohibited products. If you are in FBA you cannot sell these products. Also, learn their rules on restricted products. For example, sell safe and legal items.

The third reason is negative feedback. So, do not get negative feedback. Seek positive feedback. To get good feedback, ask when people have a good experience. To stop bad feedback, meet your customers’ expectations. Learn about Amazon’s Feedback Manager. Use it to get insights to your business. There you can see your seller rating. Also, learn to improve your rating. If you get a negative rating, address the concerns.

The fourth reason is opening a new account after being suspended.

Skubana lists the 7 Most Common Causes for Amazon Suspension

The first reason is IP complaints. So, address all IP complaints. Get the rights owner to retract the complaint. Do not ignore these complaints.

The second reason is multiple accounts. So, do not operate multiple accounts. If you want multiple accounts, get Amazon’s approval. To do this, apply for an exception. Further, do not access other accounts from your IP address.

The third reason is having a hacked account. If you notice strange activity, tell Amazon. See if your account info has changed. Also, see if someone transferred funds. However, stop hackers with extra security. For example, enable 2FA.

AMZFinder lists 11 Reasons That Amazon Can Ban Your Seller’s Account.

The first reason is product quality. So, sell fresh and functional products. Ensure buyers do not report fraud. Further, negative feedback can cause suspension.

The second reason is poor service. So, handle all of their emails. Do not fight with buyers. Address all their concerns.

The third reason is delivery problems. Do not delay delivery. So, deliver products in two days. Also, ensure you put the right tracking code.

E-Store Factory lists 11 Reasons for Amazon Account Suspension.

The first reason is having a hacked account. If Amazon notices strange activity, they will suspend your account. Resolve the issue to get your account back.

The second reason is selling restricted products. So, sell safe and legal products. Also, see Amazon’s list of restricted products.

The third reason is inauthentic products. So, sell authentic products.

On July 21st, 2020, Milos Culafic of PingPong lists Top Reasons Why Your Amazon Account Was Suspended.

The first reason is selling used items as new. So, properly label the condition of your product. For example, label it as new, if nobody used it. If you got the product out of the box, label it as like new. If you used the item then label it as used.

The second reason is multiple accounts. If you have two different businesses, get permission for a second account. Further, do not let other sellers access their accounts from your computer.

The third reason is IP complaints. So, do not sell products without permission. If you sell a product without permission, Amazon will suspend you.

The fourth reason is selling inauthentic products. So, only sell authentic products. Make sure buyers are satisfied. Also, make sure buyers understand the product.

The fifth reason is faking reviews. So, do not fake reviews. Ask buyers for real reviews. Do not pay for reviews.

The sixth reason is negative feedback. So, make sure your buyers are happy.

Before learning what to do if your Amazon Account gets suspended, learn what not to do: 


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Other Reasons Amazon Suspends Accounts

Sometimes thousands of sellers can be suspended for reasons unknown, as in this example explained by ModernRetail about sellers who were suspended for duplicate accounts.

How We Apply These Reasons to Your Plan of Action

First we learn the reason that your account was suspended. Then, we can tell the type of suspension. Based on the type of suspension, we can craft your Plan of Action. If you are facing a serious suspension or multiple suspensions, we can still get your account reinstated. We are able to get accounts reinstated for even the most serious cases, because we have experience writing successful Plans of Action. We draw from knowledge of past cases, so we know exactly what to say. 

Reasons Amazon Suspends Accounts Without Warning

In June of 2020, in the Account Health section of Amazon Seller Central Forums, user GSS2020 reported that their account was suspended without warning. They asked Amazon why this happened. That day, an Amazon Rep replied. They asked the seller to send their performance notice. Amazon sends a performance notice to suspended accounts. But, the seller did not reply.  


We know Amazon can suspend your Seller Account without warning, so we must take precautions and enforce preventive measures. We know the top reasons Amazon suspends accounts, as given by Amazon and as reported by Amazon Sellers, so we can avoid transgressing Amazon’s rules. Now that you know the main reasons Amazon suspends accounts, you can understand how to keep a healthy account. If you keep your Amazon Seller Account healthy then you can keep selling as long as you want. Contact us at 844-747-8814. We can get your account back.