Here's What's New in U.S. Small Business Pandemic Paycheck Protection Program

The growing fear of the active spread of corona virus has affected the global economy and reduced corporate interests. Various Amazon sellers are coping with sales drops, limited shipping, short staff, and inventory deficit. The coronavirus outbreak is making nearly all companies worldwide close down offices. It is sending workers home by using layoffs, leaves, and pay cuts or forcing employees to use the internet until the virus is restrained.

The pandemic has disrupted businesses over the world, but it has been very helpful for Amazon. Every lockdown has pushed the company a little further toward the total command of online shopping as total e-commerce sales. 

So to save your business during these unpredictable times that endanger it you have to take some steps. The most effective thing you can do to manage your business stability is to limit Amazon from taking negative action on your account. Amazon isn’t going easy any accounts during this COVID-19 pandemic. So you must take into consideration all of their requirements. 

Simple Steps to Take During the Corona Virus Pandemic

If your business performance is affected, you can take the following precautions backed by Amazon to stop your seller account from getting suspended.  Try to reduce the harm the virus may cause on your Amazon business and have a stable operation. Here are some tips and solutions that could help you. If you are unable to satisfy orders, you should take the following actions: 

  • Cancel the order. 
  • Posting status for vacations, holidays, and other leaves
  • Keep your Manage Inventory page updated
  • React to the performance notification.  Resolve them with a short explanation if your performance metrics have been affected by the pandemic. 
  • You can also get more knowledge about account control on related Help pages in Seller Central.

3 Tips to Prevent Account Suspension During Corona Lockdown

Some pointers to keep your business afloat during these times.

Temporarily reduce or pause advertising spending on Amazon

Amazon’s sales agents are contacting Amazon sellers and promoting them to decrease advertising spending throughout the crisis. 

If you have undergone a decline in sales during the crisis, we suggest reducing or discontinuing your ads until further notice.  This will help particularly if you are trading non-essential goods.

Check all incomplete performance notifications

Make sure you’re not forgetting anything behind that can and should be discussed. Expecting potential threats to fall off the Account Health dashboard isn’t an alternative. Amazon will not wait that long. You need to assess and respond, the best way.

Keep your metrics well within the range

Amazon needs to acknowledge you can control your operations efficiently enough to keep up with orders during this critical period. You can’t cancel orders because of lack of inventory, late shipment, or failure to have products delivered within a given timeframe. 

Amazon may become tolerant for a definite amount of time on some metrics. But that leniency is not certain nor it is permanent. 

During these uncertain times, there will be a lot of changes, both on and off Amazon. The most helpful thing to do is to stay ahead of those developments and act accordingly.