If you are selling products on Amazon, Amazon can suspend your Amazon Seller Account at any time. Amazon can decide to suspend your account for any reason. As such, you need to get the support of Amazon Sellers. In addition, you need to get support outside of Amazon’s direct control. The best way to get support is through a forum. A forum is a place where people can discuss their thoughts. In this case, we want to learn from Amazon Sellers who have had their accounts unjustly suspended. You may be looking for an Amazon Seller forum if your account has been suspended, so we are in search of the best forums for you. To start getting your account back, fill out this form. If you have questions about the form, call us at 844-747-8814.

Main Forum for Amazon Sellers

Amazon provides the main forum for Amazon Sellers. You can find this forum at Amazon Seller Central. Here you can find General Selling Questions, Help for New Sellers, and other topics. Unfortunately, Account Reinstatement after Suspension is not one of the main topics.

There are some conversations about Account Suspension on Amazon Seller Central. In this case an Amazon Seller was surprised to find that their account was suspended. They were surprised to get this notification because they believed they were not in violation of Amazon Seller Guidelines. They were not sure what went wrong. Amazon Appellate can help you in such cases, where you are surprised to see that your account has been suspended. 

Plan of Action

See the original post in the above conversation thread. In this notice of suspension, Amazon states, “please send us a plan that explains how you will address this problem.” Amazon is referring to a Plan of Action. Before Amazon can reinstate your account, you must provide a Plan of Action. We at Amazon Appellate create these Plans of Action for you. Then you submit them to Amazon. We have a high success rate because of our experience creating these Plans of Action. So, the best chance you have to get your account reinstated is to have us create your Plan of Action for you. We can create a custom Plan of Action for your case.

At Amazon Appellate, we fight for your rights as an Amazon Seller. This is especially important if Amazon unjustly considers your Amazon Seller Account to violate Amazon Seller Guidelines. Often, Amazon suspends accounts without a good explanation. So, if you are not sure why your account was suspended, we will clarify this for you. Also, if you are not sure how to get it reinstated, we will make the reinstatement process smooth.

Alternate Forums for Amazon Sellers

If you want to explore Amazon Seller forums, see Arishekar N’s article “11 Amazon Seller Forums & Communities That Are Highly Useful”. Firstly, he says the types of forums. Secondly, he says the purpose of the forum. Finally, he links to the forum. Use these forums to get advice from Amazon Sellers. This advice will help you solve many problems. For instance, you can learn about email marketing. 

In addition, you can see the best e-commerce forums for Amazon Sellers. Here, they break down each forum into sections. Explore this article to find information about e-commerce marketing. Join the forums to get the most out of them. Tell your stories so others can learn. Find people with the same story. Get help from those who can solve your problem. This is a great resource to stay updated.


We found great forums for Amazon Sellers. In these forums, you can learn from your peers. For instance, the main one is on Amazon Seller Central. Still, we need a forum for suspended Amazon Sellers. Looking forward, we would like to develop a forum for suspended Amazon Sellers. In this forum, we will focus on unjustly suspended accounts. As such, share your thoughts with us here