How to Write an Amazon Plan of Action

The suspension of the Seller Account is the most unfortunate ordeal for every Amazon seller. But do not worry, there is still a silver lining to be found. The suspension does not have to be permanent. If you wish for Amazon to redeem the Seller Account, Amazon often requires that you give a plan of action to show your compliance to cooperate in the future.

The plan of action is a well-known means in the area of quality management. And in extreme circumstances, the complete existence of your business depends on the progress or failure of the plan of action’s status and content. 

What is an Amazon Plan of Action?

A plan of action should satisfy the following three points:

  1. Describe the main causes that started the issue.
  2. What steps will you take to fix the issue.
  3. Note down the actions you will use to limit future issues.

Guideline of Writing a Plan of Action (POA) for Amazon 

Start with a short introductory paragraph

Describe your overall analysis of what went awry, then affirm directly how you already solved each problem recognized. Prove that you found the issues of earlier mistakes or faults and proactively put together the appropriate kinds of resolutions. 

Be straightforward and concise at the beginning of your POA, and stay that way. Stay reasonable and practical.

Don’t start finger-pointing or playing the blame game. 

Sellers have a limited performance time where they only have a certain number of POAs to study and make reinstatement arrangements for. This is why they end up suspending so many sellers. They want to push them to take specific actions that will promote their account services. Amazon is ready to suspend you if there’s any uncertainty around your capability to give adequate services that to their customers. 

Disputing or questioning the soundness of a suspension, except for when it’s an indisputable error, won’t do anything for your cause. You need to use your appeals wisely. 

Don’t use any general information. Be specific. 

Don’t use precious space to discuss around the point or address account matters that do not address the causes you’ve been suspended. It’ll lead to denial of your POA and maybe requests for additional details Get into the specifics that discuss the main reasons you’re deactivated. 

Use key points and bullets instead of long paragraphs

Deliver to Seller Performance teams that you recognize the main causes of all the things that went wrong. And note down efficient and to-the-point steps on how to deal with each problem. 

You can use paragraphs but try to keep the sentences short and sweet.  

Main Mains to Remember 

Be precise and brief. Your plan of action should be accurate and straightforward. Concentrate on the facts and circumstances that drove the issue rather than giving an introduction to your merchandise and business. Avoid being emotional; in the POA and remove other questions or references to continuing support matters from your submission. 

Explain all of the issues. Some suspensions may be the outcome of a mixture of issues. You must respond to every root cause in your plan of action. Give substantiating evidence for all issues and submit supporting evidence for all of the services that are under review.