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Amazon has a history of coming out with new features to make their platform more reliable and secure. With about 2 billion monthly site visitants, Amazon stringently monitors sellers to maintain the high caliber of its marketplace. However, most sellers have no difficulty adhering to these policies. They follow these policies since they’re keen to reach Amazon’s 2 billion site visitors buying merchandise. Because of that, Amazon account suspension can be every Amazon seller’s worst nightmare. As a result. your business could take a hit while the account suspension resolution can take some weeks.

This is situation is not avoidable; but, there are some ways through which you can avert it.

So, to help you appeal to get back your account, we have compiled the following guide. It has everything you need to know about Amazon account suspension.

Why Is My Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

The first thing that you may wonder is, why is my Amazon seller account suspended? But, there is always some reason for every Amazon account suspension. Below we have mentioned the three areas that you can look out. These can help you prevent yourself from being in that position.

  1. Lousy customer service score

To ensure that sellers on Amazon provide a consistent customer experience. Amazon has set the following performance guidelines for assessment:

  • Order defect rate: negative feedback < 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate: < 2.5%
  • Delayed Shipment: < 4%
  1. Disregarding the Selling Policies on Amazon

If you have any item present on the restricted products page. You will get you account suspended as a result.

  1. Misrepresentation and In Authenticity

If you have a counterfeit product on your profile, you can lose selling privileges. Also, Amazon considers alternative accounts a huge red flag.

Tips for Preventing Your Amazon Account Suspension

  1. Understand Amazon’s business guidelines
  2. Take into account the performance metrics
  3. Stay vigilant of your listings
  4. Enhance your customer communication
  5. Search for patterns in your Amazon account
  6. Take Amazon as a priority customer

How to Appeal for your Amazon Account Suspension

Amazon has made efforts to maintain its customer trust. It has created a range of tools and processes.  To help ensure a seller’s account does not get suspended or terminated. The first primary step to appeal for the suspension is to prepare an ideal plan of action. In this, you should take into account the reasons for complaints about your products. Also, add solutions to the issues and assure that they will not get repeated.

Successful Appeal for the Violations of Amazon Policies During Account Suspension

If you receive a policy warning by Amazon, then resolve it and inform Amazon how you plan to rectify the issue.

  • Acknowledge your mistake.
  • Have a positive approach.
  • Assure Amazon that you will improve your customer service.
  • Approve of the product quality processes that Amazon has.

You can also submit an appeal for a review of your account at any point of the sales cycle. These steps may seem long, tedious, and unproductive. But with the right tools and customer support, it is not too far-fetched to do. Likewise, many Amazon sellers are now a part of Amazon’s thriving network of merchants.